My Omeka Experience

This past week in class, we dedicated our time making exhibits and learning about the ways of Omeka. For me, this was a completely new experience and I had never heard of Omeka before let alone know such exhibits existed online. This is one of my favorite activities that we have done in class and I learned a lot from it mostly because it was very hands on.

First, I learned that a lot goes into attributing a source. Dr. S gave us resources such as where we could find images on our own and use it to build exhibits on Omeka. While in the past I would have thought that it’s as easy and copy and pasting, the Omeka site taught me that there are endless possibilities to attribute the source and even explain what the picture represents. For example, I used a photo that was a statue of two gladiators. While I definitely needed to attribute who sculpted the statue, where it was from, and what year it was made in, the interesting thing I learned was that the source I was using was actually just a PICTURE of the sculptures and not the physical sculptures themselves. Therefore, I then had to attribute the photographer who took the picture, when it was taken, and where the original picture came from. It was interesting to see how many layers of copyright there actually are.

Next, I really enjoyed creating an exhibit with my group on a subtopic. Like I said, this site was completely new to me and I didn’t even know that it was possible to do this. I thought it was really cool how each of member of my group created their own page yet all of our ┬ápages came together in one exhibit. It was easy to navigate through and a great way to store a lot of knowledge. It was also really interesting to hear all of the other groups present their exhibits and see what their thought process was.

Overall, I thought the Omeka website was a very interesting learning tool and it is something that I would have never thought of. Omeka can be very useful if you are researching something and want to keep track of your attributes and citings as well as also present your information to the world.



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